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Reset the toner sensor on your Brother printer HL-2270DW

April 27, 2013  ·  Category: Uncategorized

My Brother HL-2270DW printer refuses to continue printing, once the toner gets sufficiently low, even though the toner cartridge still contains enough toner to print many more pages. The toner light comes on and the only way to override the printer's stubbornness is by following this sequence of steps, which I found in the bowels of a discussion forum, after several other recommended solutions didn't work. These instructions worked for me. I'm posting them here so others can find them more easily. They may work for other models of Brother printers, as well. - Open the front cover and leave open while ...

CrossFit Workouts BEGIN

April 14, 2008  ·  Category: Uncategorized

Over the past couple weeks, Kirez has gradually persuaded me to begin doing CrossFit workouts. The short justification for a CrossFit approach is this: Shorter, more intense workouts produce far greater benefits. Whether you're looking for cardio/vascular fitness, weight loss, or muscle mass -- or even just some cool endorphin highs -- you get much better results with CrossFit workouts than with traditional cardio workouts, weight-lifting, or endurance training. This isn't a matter of speculation or exercise religion; it has been demonstrated repeatedly with empirical research. So if I want better results, I should be doing 4-minute workouts that emphasize whole-body CrossFit exercises, rather ...

New Wine 2.0 Google Group

November 30, 2006  ·  Category: Uncategorized

Earlier this evening, wine blogger Tim Elliott was kind enough to facilitate the inaugural Wine 2.0 virtual conference, for discussion of how Web 2.0 concepts can be applied (and are being applied) in the wine industry. We plan to have another virtual conference in December. In the interim, to help keep the momentum going, we're starting a Wine 2.0 Google Group. Feel free to join in if the topic interests you!