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No, your child is not your friend

May 31, 2015  ·  Category: Feelings, Love, Parenting

Update: I've been reflecting with a friend about how this post feels more stern than I'd like. Let's say I have personal experience, though not yet as a parent. I'm tempted to edit the piece to adjust its tone. But perhaps it would be better to just acknowledge where I was coming from, when I wrote it. I was feeling strongly. * * * Reflections on the parent-child relationship, so commonly relevant for single parents, where the line between "friend" and "parent" can be more tempting to blur: What exactly is that line? Part of the parent role is this: My child is ...

Teachers: How to incorporate meditation in the classroom

December 20, 2011  ·  Category: Meditation, Mindfulness, Parenting

I just stumbled across a reader comment from early last year by a teacher in Massachusetts, Camille Napier Bernstein, who begins each day with a "stillness" exercise for the first few minutes each day in her classroom. The students are not only receptive, but sometimes enthusiastic about how valuable it has become to them. She has written about her successes with the practice. An excerpt: I teach in a public school. You might wonder if the practice has caused controversy. Certainly, my first two years were fraught with worry that a student might misinterpret the practice to his parents, and I doggedly ...

Being inspired by your child

September 12, 2011  ·  Category: Parenting, Personal

This post inspired me, in turn, on multiple levels: what children are capable of, what parents are capable of, and how valuable it is to treat one another as (basically) responsible adults. I'd heard people talk about being inspired by their kids before, and didn't really believe it as I hadn't had the experience. But last night, Tovar inspired me. I'd been exploring issues of autonomy and self-regulation with Shannon, as well as how we can be better parents, so that was my mental frame as I went in to cuddle him last night. As often happens when we go in after ...