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“You make people wrong”

June 13, 2015  ·  Category: Authenticity, Circling, Community, Feelings, Individualism, Personal

I was told this in soft exasperation, earlier this week, by one of the most loving souls I’ve ever met, Sara Ness. In context, it made perfect sense. Today it makes me think of my stern, repressed stepfather and how hard I tried, as a boy, not to be wrong to him. It makes me think of cliquish classmates in junior high school, and how hard I tried to anticipate what they would dislike. It makes me think of how much love I have inside, of the challenge of getting that out fully, into the world. And how useful it is to live and ...

“What are you feeling, right now?”

March 20, 2015  ·  Category: Authenticity, Circling, Feelings, Love

Often lately I think the most two people have to give one another, in loving connection, is the truth of their feelings in a moment. “I feel nervous and energized. This post comes from a deep place inside, but I don’t know how well it will be received. Feels like I’m taking a chance.” In a way, the meaning of life is the feeling of life. By sharing what we feel, we grow meaning together. We can share not just feelings about one another, but feeling as such — how it feels to be fresh home from an errand, to finish a phone ...