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Treating chronic pain through radical acceptance

A new friend asked for my advice about using meditation to treat chronic pain. I would assume that, like me, you have consulted many doctors and they aren't able to do much to help. In this case, one of the most powerful therapies is what we might call "radical acceptance." The basic premise is that we often don't realize how much of our suffering is of our own creation, created by how we react to the pain in our body. Sometimes the core of pain itself can be like a grain of sand in an oyster; but through our irritated reaction, it ...

The other side of peace

December 20, 2010  ·  Category: Adyashanti, Buddhism, Intellectual, Mindfulness

Fellow Adyashanti student Margo, at A Peaceful Human Race, has an excellent new post titled "the other side of peace," which does a good job of exploring the paradoxical nature of peace. It's a topic that interests me, as I've long been fascinated by the fact that peace sometimes requires something that looks an awful lot like war -- and perhaps, occasionally, even war itself. Her post begins: "conflict is essential to the development and growth of man and society. it leads either to the construction or destruction of an entire group or state. . . if there is no ...

An enlightened view of enlightenment

December 13, 2010  ·  Category: Adyashanti, Buddhism, Eckhart Tolle, Intellectual, Mindfulness

I haven't written much on Mudita Journal about the concept of enlightenment, but it's been in the background for me for several years, ever since I discovered the teachings of Adyashanti (and Eckhart Tolle, before him). Perhaps I should write a post about it, sometime, for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar, who see it as a "mystical" concept, or who are skeptical that it has any value. Meantime, I know a few of my readers are acquainted with Adyashanti — or "Adya," as students often call him — and his teachings. In any case, a friend said the ...

The gentle art of blessing

December 11, 2010  ·  Category: Adyashanti, Buddhism, Eckhart Tolle, Mindfulness

I was contacted today by a fellow student of Adyashanti's teachings, who lives in Albuquerque and was wondering about the status of the group I had tried starting there, years ago. It turns out she has a blog as well, called A Peaceful Human Race. Reading it, I was moved by this post: for the last couple months, i've been reading the gentle art of blessing by pierre prandervand. a little excerpt from the book can give you a taste of what this book is about, or you could click the title of the book above, order, and check it out yourself. pradervand ...

Jon Bernie: To awaken is to dissolve

As many of you know, over the past couple years I've become increasingly interested in the teachings of Adyashanti, Jed McKenna, and the like. Jon Bernie is one of Adya's friends and colleagues. I met him briefly and attended one of his satsangs (sitting & teaching events) last time I was in San Francisco. Below is a brief teaching he sent out to his an announcement list. (Thanks to Marsh for the forward.) I think it's a well-expressed encapsulation of this perspective. You might find it worth contemplating if you're open to this sort of thing. For ...

In the Mail: Stephan Bodian’s “Wake Up Now”

March 21, 2008  ·  Category: Adyashanti, Buddhism, Intellectual, Mindfulness

I just received a review copy of Stephan Bodian's new book Wake Up Now: A Guide to the Journey of Spiritual Awakening. Bodian is a long-time student of Adyashanti's, but -- according to a friend of mine who spoke with him -- does not claim to be fully enlightened himself. However, the book is very well blurbed by Adyashanti... Both profound and practical, Wake Up Now guides the reader through the intricacies of awakening as only someone who has walked the walk themselves can do. The clarity and compassion it offers are both rare and welcome. ...and Adya is someone I've come to ...

The Return to Meditation

November 28, 2007  ·  Category: Adyashanti, Meditation, Personal

Joshua: i meditated for a long time last night, and then again this morning Joshua: man did that make a difference in my day Joshua: i felt better this morning than i've felt in months Marsh: yeah, i'm changing my life Marsh: more meditation Marsh: that "let everything be as it is" meditation? the most effective use of 20 minutes I've ever come across Joshua: yep Marsh: i can't believe i wasted so many hours watching my breath Joshua: *laughing*

Albuquerque Adyashanti Group

April 23, 2007  ·  Category: Adyashanti, Meditation

Lately I've been getting tremendous value out of Adyashanti's teachings, including his True Meditation and Spontaneous Awakening audiobooks. Currently there is no Adyashanti group listed in Albuquerque, so I've decided to start a new group. I have submitted a new listing, which should appear once they update their site. If you live in the greater Albuquerque, New Mexico area (including Rio Rancho, Placitas, Corrales or nearby areas) and are interested in attending, please contact me.

Concentration Through Letting Go

January 25, 2007  ·  Category: Adyashanti, Meditation, Mindfulness, Mudita Forum

I just had the following exchange with a Mudita Forum member who had this question about Adyashanti's True Meditation (previously discussed here). Like I mentioned, my main concern was that I was having a hard time understanding how his approach would help me with my goal. I did enjoy reading his work though. I've always wrestled with the concept of greater concentration through letting go. How do you let go and let things just be? Is concentration not a skill? I want to give his CD a go and see what happens. To which ...

Enjoying Adyashanti’s “Spontaneous Awakening” Lectures

January 9, 2007  ·  Category: Adyashanti, Buddhism, Meditation, Reviews, Witness Consciousness

I just received my CD of Adyashanti's "True Meditation" by UPS this morning. I'm ripping it to my hard drive to put on my mp3 player. Should be able to post what I think after I return from retreat next week. In the interim, I've been listening to his "Spontaneous Awakening" lectures, which a friend gave me, and I have to say I have enjoyed them very much. Adyashanti is very easy to relate to. I get a sense of genuineness about both his person and his teachings. He speaks the truth, it feels to me. And I like ...