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The other side of peace

December 20, 2010 · Filed under: Adyashanti, Buddhism, Intellectual, Mindfulness

Fellow Adyashanti student Margo, at A Peaceful Human Race, has an excellent new post titled “the other side of peace,” which does a good job of exploring the paradoxical nature of peace.

It’s a topic that interests me, as I’ve long been fascinated by the fact that peace sometimes requires something that looks an awful lot like war — and perhaps, occasionally, even war itself.

Her post begins:

“conflict is essential to the development and growth of man and society. it leads either to the construction or destruction of an entire group or state. . . if there is no conflict – internal or external – there can be no growth.”
-sun tzu, the art of war

thinking about this quote brought a conversation from many years ago to mind. at the time, i was an idealistic new college graduate in my 20s and was tutoring high school and middle school students. one particular student challenged me when i talked about peace as an important ideal. he defended war, and he called it a completely natural thing. “war is even something that happens within our bodies,” he told me. that teenager so eloquently left me flustered. Keep reading

See her full post for more.