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The gentle art of blessing

December 11, 2010 · Filed under: Adyashanti, Buddhism, Eckhart Tolle, Mindfulness

I was contacted today by a fellow student of Adyashanti’s teachings, who lives in Albuquerque and was wondering about the status of the group I had tried starting there, years ago.

It turns out she has a blog as well, called A Peaceful Human Race. Reading it, I was moved by this post:

for the last couple months, i’ve been reading the gentle art of blessing by pierre prandervand.

a little excerpt from the book can give you a taste of what this book is about, or you could click the title of the book above, order, and check it out yourself.

pradervand enthusiastically shares the journey of his discovery and practice of blessing as an everyday art. as his ideas have begun to sink into my own mind and way of being, i’ve realized how fantastic blessing is as a tool to transform what would otherwise be a painful and conflicted interactions.

when i first started reading the book, life presented me with an opportunity for blessing. a student came into my office one day and informed me that he’d gone to the administration to complain about me. as he told me about my unfairness in grading, my adrenaline started to pump, and the knee jerk reaction to defend myself and point out his deficencies started moving towards action.

luckily, i recognized this as an opportunity to put my passion for peace into practice, and i stopped myself. instead of picking up my own sword and fighting back, i could choose to bless him. i could see his integrity, his goodness, his desire to connect and succeed. i could see his blame as merely one small part of all he was bringing into my office, and i could honor and recognize how much more there was to him and to what he was saying.

as i resisted my initial conditioned response, i sat quietly and worked to hold a loving space. i detected a little surprise from him that i was so calm, and the entire encounter was over as quickly as it began. i’d be lying if i said it didn’t cause me some anxiousness, but overall, the discomfort on my end was considerably less than during tense student situations in the past.

the real testament to the power of this practice came as the semester continued. Keep reading »

I feel inspired to read the book.

  • As do I. This message was much needed by me … and deeply appreciated. Thank you.