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Nathaniel Branden is highly recommending the Lifebook program by Jon Butcher

October 23, 2009 · Filed under: Health, Intellectual, Objectivism

Nathaniel Branden sent the following message to members of his announcement list:

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you a man and a program of stunning originality and practical results. The man is Jon Butcher and his program is Lifebook.

Lifebook launches you into its world by inviting you to deeply examine 12 separate aspects of your life that, in reality, are not separate at all.

In each category you are stimulated and inspired to clarify your beliefs, identify your goals and define what needs to be done to actualize them. You capture and document your thoughts and feelings along the way using the Lifebook software.

This step-by-step, highly structured process results in your own, self-authored Lifebook — a detailed description of the life you want to live and a strategic plan to guide you as you move toward it.

Although it does borrow from my work, this program is not psychotherapy. It is about self-actualization. As you work through the 12 categories, you get to know yourself in inspiring and challenging new ways. Consciousness, energy, and self-responsibility rise together. The future is experienced as unobstructed. You are witness to your own transformation.

The Lifebook Program is a 4-day seminar experience, held monthly in Chicago. Normally $2995, Lifebook has agreed to extend a $1000 savings to admirers of my work. (For the record, I have no financial stake in this offer — I pass it on to you because I believe you will find it to be a truly extraordinary experience, as I did).

To learn more about this special offer, please CLICK HERE.

I simply cannot recommend this program highly enough. If you wish to become the author of your own life, Lifebook may be exactly what you have been waiting for.


Nathaniel Branden

If any of you have been to one of these seminars, I would be very interested to hear what you thought.

  • Shannon Chamberlain

    You know, I’ve always hated Barbara Ehrenreich’s self-righteous whining, but from what I’ve seen from the reviews of her latest book, I think she has a good point about the banality of the self-help industry. It sounds from this description like the point of this ($2000-3000!) seminar is to write down some specific goals for your life and then plug them into software that will, like, remind you about them or something. I can’t even imagine what kind of value these people think they’re adding to justify charging that much–whatever the market will bear, I suppose, but it sounds like the market is bearing a lot of idiots these days. It’s Landmark Forum all over again, but maybe more expensive.

  • Marc

    “It’s Landmark Forum all over again, but maybe more expensive.”

    I had a cursory look at it, and I had a similar thought.

    PowerPoints + candles? This whole thing has made me lose a little respect for NB.