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Ferguson Speaks from the Heart

February 11, 2008 · Filed under: Current Events, Humor, Reviews

My thanks to Andrew Schwartz for pointing out this excellent example of sincerity and integrity.

That video clip is pretty funny, as well. But part of what makes it so full of integrity is that he finds ways of being funny, while talking about Britney Spears and alcoholism, without being mean-spirited.

More stand-up comics like this one, please.

  • Thanks for posting this. What a humane and human and brave monologue.

    Aside from the obviously powerful thoughts, what impressed me was his using the technology of mega corporations to connect on such a personal level.

    As he said “It’s just you and me talking here.” And it was.

    A reminder that technology’s greatest possibility is to give us the tools to talk honestly with to one another.

    Sadly, it is rarely used for this.