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Albuquerque Adyashanti Group

April 23, 2007 · Filed under: Adyashanti, Meditation

Lately I’ve been getting tremendous value out of Adyashanti‘s teachings, including his True Meditation and Spontaneous Awakening audiobooks.

Currently there is no Adyashanti group listed in Albuquerque, so I’ve decided to start a new group. I have submitted a new listing, which should appear once they update their site.

If you live in the greater Albuquerque, New Mexico area (including Rio Rancho, Placitas, Corrales or nearby areas) and are interested in attending, please contact me.

  • Al Coleman

    Hey Joshua,

    Did you see that he will be doing live podcasts with a Q and A?

  • Al,

    Yes, I think I did see something about that somewhere. Actually, looks like it’s taking place here. Thanks for the reminder!

    I was also on a “conference call” (like radio over the phone line) that he did a few weeks ago, which was interesting.

    I would be particularly interested in being able to download such recordings to listen to at my convenience (or in a group setting), rather than needing to pick up the phone at a set time of day.


  • Al Coleman

    Agreed. I think he will be sell podcasts of these satsangs. I just finished listening to Spontaneous Awakening and I loved it. Emptiness Dancing is also great.

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  • no

    Hi Joshua,
    I have also gotten a lot out of Adyashanti over the past years and have been able to attend a few silent retreats that proved quite helpful. Some months ago his wife, Mukti, conducted a one day retreat in Santa Fe that was very valuable as well. She “is available for group satsangs, intensives, and one-day retreats by invitation.” I would like to invite her to Albuquerque and am trying to figure out how many people might be interested in attending such an event. If anyone feels so inclined, please post a response on this board. Thank you. Namaste.