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Water-fast Blogging – Day 2

March 18, 2007 · Filed under: Water Fast

OK now I remember why I’ve always failed to blog my previous water fasts: Blogging is a very public activity, and fasting tends to make me feel shy — or, at least, not very public about my personal activities.

That said, here’s a quick update for day two.

So far the fast is going very smoothly. Last night I got to bed around 1:00 a.m. and I slept well (actually, quite well for a first day of fasting). To provide some context, I got to bed at 3 a.m. the night before, and 5 a.m. the night before that … so this is definitely a step in the right direction.

There is a kind of mental ease that I feel when my body isn’t expending energy on digestion, and I’ve felt that all day today. Nothing feels stressful.

My energy level has been good, and I’ve had no unpleasant side-effects — no unusual tiredness, no foggy-headedness, and no headaches.

I’m prone to light-headedness, of course, which is normal for a fast, but I’m fine as long as I avoid physically strenuous activities and standing up too fast. (I think I remember reading in Fuhrman’s book that standing up too fast is the single most common cause of injuries during a fast.)

I’ve been drinking tons of water, per usual for a fast. I’ve probably gone through five or six one-liter Nalgene bottles, which adds up to around 2 gallons. I’m putting about 1/16 of a teaspoon of Celtic sea salt in each liter, to help soften the water, provide calorie-free electrolytes, and prevent my body’s pH balance from getting out of whack.

Gave myself two lukewarm water enemas last night (aren’t you glad you’re reading this?) and they went smoothly. Sometimes my first enema gives me a kind of cramping feeling, but not this time.

Time will tell if this fast continues to go better than my last one. If so, I think I can attribute it to the much higher quantities of fresh vegetables and fresh-pressed vegetable juice that I’ve been drinking over the past few weeks. I suspect my digestive tract is in better shape than in previous months. (That’s another Fuhrman tip — clean up your diet, big time, before beginning a water fast.)

I spent some time today practicing table tennis in our family room, where we have a newly-erected table and a Newgy Robo-Pong that pitches me balls for practice. Interestingly, table tennis is the perfect level of mental and physical exertion for my fast — it felt stimulating without being taxing.

It’s been 48 hours since I’ve ingested anything but water. Soon my body should be kicking into protein-sparing ketosis mode, where it begins rapidly metabolizing fat cells (to save precious muscle tissue) in order to supply my brain with glucose. It’s typically on the order of about two pounds of fat per day, and this is when the serious detoxification begins — as fat cells are notorious for storing any toxins we have accumulated.

I’ll post another update tomorrow. And I’m thinking of writing a post soon that would be titled something like “Tips for Water Fasting,” listing all the various secrets Kathy and I have discovered that seem to make a water fast go more smoothly.

Current weight: 174

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  • Juan

    I too am on my second day of fast, and things are going quite well. Other then being a little light headed, I feel great. You mentioned how you nothing feels stressful, I too havbe this same sense of relation, which is probably the first time I have felt this way in a long time.

  • Tashi Dawa

     It’s not a fast if you’re taking in calories; I think this is a spammer.

    • Yes, thanks, Tashi. Good call. I have deleted it.

  • Tashi Dawa

     It’s not a fast if you’re taking in calories; I think this is a spammer.

  • Tashi Dawa

     It’s not a fast if you’re taking in calories; I think this is a spammer.

    • Yes, thanks, Tashi. Good call. I have deleted it.