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Enjoying Adyashanti’s “Spontaneous Awakening” Lectures

January 9, 2007 · Filed under: Adyashanti, Buddhism, Meditation, Reviews, Witness Consciousness

I just received my CD of Adyashanti’s “True Meditation” by UPS this morning. I’m ripping it to my hard drive to put on my mp3 player. Should be able to post what I think after I return from retreat next week.

In the interim, I’ve been listening to his “Spontaneous Awakening” lectures, which a friend gave me, and I have to say I have enjoyed them very much.

Adyashanti is very easy to relate to. I get a sense of genuineness about both his person and his teachings. He speaks the truth, it feels to me.

And I like his perspective on awakening … that it’s not something for just the rare Tibetan monk.

He says he personally knows hundreds of people who’ve experienced the kind of awakening that he experienced.

Very exciting stuff indeed. Looking forward to talking about it more here and on Mudita Forum!