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The start of time, between lovers

June 25, 2015 · Filed under: Uncategorized

I’ve noticed sometimes that the beginning of a relationship is the start of time between lovers. The start of the present being anchored in an imagined future, rather than in what online casino in canada is alive and real. The shift feels subtle, significant, subversive.

A woman recently told me her husband got cancer during their first year together. So, she says, she never took him for granted. That was 27 years, and two children, ago.

In my own experience, even planning together to end a relationship, but not ending it just yet, puts time back on hold again. Unconditional love resurfaces.

Have you noticed something similar? I should mention I’m a fan of relationships, marriage, commitment. I’m just noticing its shadow side.

I think this shadow can be more pronounced when a relationship shouldn’t happen. You see its flaws more vividly when you imagine a future together.

But I think there’s more to it. I think there is an art to keeping a relationship grounded in what is alive.