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Ed Snowden’s public appearances

June 7, 2014 · Filed under: Current Events, Politics

If you find a recorded public appearance by Ed Snowden not listed here, please e-mail the link to me at joshuazader at GMail. Please also notify me if any links below have expired.

Below is a list of all publicly available appearances by Ed Snowden since the original disclosure of his identity as the whistleblower behind Glenn Greenwald’s reporting, in early July 2013. For additional information about Snowden, his motivations, and the story behind his decision to become a whistleblower, I highly recommend Greenwald’s new book No Place to Hide.

2013-07-09 – The Guardian: Interview Part I and Part II (12 and 7 min, respectively) – Snowden’s original reveal as the NSA whistleblower. The interview was conducted in Hong Kong by Glenn Greenwald and filmed & edited by documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras.

2014-01-27 – German TV channel NDR: Interview with Ed Snowden (30 min) – Snowden discusses the relevance of the NSA’s activities to other countries around the world.

2014-03-10 – SXSW (South by Southwest) appearance (61 minutes) – In a remote appearance from Russia, Snowden spoke on the importance of encryption, and answered questions from the public for the first time, in a talk that was praised strongly by Esquire.

2014-03-19 – TED talk: “Here’s how we take back the internet” (35 min) – Snowden appears from an undisclosed location in Moscow “via a telepresence robot, which he was able to control remotely.”

2014-05-28 – NBC News with Brian Williams: “Inside the Mind of Edward Snowden” (45 min) – Conducted in Moscow, this was Snowden’s first interview with an American TV network since the original revelations. See also the excerpt about the legacy of 9/11 (3 min), not aired in the original broadcast.

2014-06-01 – Globo Brazil TV interview: “Edward Snowden has applied for asylum in Brazil” (33 min) – Filmed in Moscow. The reporting is in Portugese, but the interview itself was conducted and aired in English. (Globo also published the original broadcast on their own site.)

2014-06-05 – Personal Democracy Forum comments on the “Save the internet” theme (2 min excerpt) – Snowden discusses Google’s new end-to-end encryption plugin as part of the “reset the net” campaign, and the responsibility for citizens to take responsibility for their own freedom: “We don’t have to ask for our privacy. We can take it back.”