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Recipe: Creamy chocolate tea

December 6, 2013 · Filed under: Health, Paleo, Recipes

chocolate-teaI love sipping chocolate tea in the winter. I’ve been fiddling with this particular recipe for a couple weeks. Yesterday’s batch was a winner.

I’ll no doubt refine it further, but this version is worth sharing and inviting input.

The recipe is optimized for the consumption of extremely healthy fats. It is paleo friendly, with no milk products other than grassfed butter.

This is in no way a low-calorie beverage. I sip it throughout the day for energy (calories) and warmth, as well as the deliciously creamy and rich flavor.

To begin, combine the following in a 40-oz thermos and steep for at least 10 minutes:

After it finishes steeping, pour the contents of the thermos into a blender, remove the tea bags, and add the following:

Blend to emulsify the healthy fats. Then taste the final result, to see if it needs more sweetener. I like mine to have a dark chocolate taste, almost unsweetened.

The tea will cool considerably while in the blender. If I want it to stay hot all day, I pour it into a bowl, or a pair of very large glasses, and microwave it for a few minutes before pouring it back into the thermos with a funnel.

Once you return the tea to the thermos, tighten the lid and enjoy sipping it throughout the day.

If you give the recipe a try, I welcome your comments below.