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January 5, 2003 · Filed under: Objectivism

Last Update: August 23, 2009 – added Douglas Rudd

NOTE: Although I continue to update this page by request, it has long ago been surpassed by the comprehensive list of member blogs (login required) at the Atlasphere’s Ayn Rand Dating & Networking web site, which contains a directory of thousands of admirers of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.

Below is a growing, semi-official directory of Objectivist blogs. (You can access this page via

More precisely, the following bloggers have a strong interest in Ayn Rand‘s philosophy of Objectivism. Not all of these people would identify themselves as being “an Objectivist,” but to the best of my knowledge each agrees with the basic tenets of Rand’s philosophy, broadly defined: a reason-based epistemology, ethical individualism, and free market capitalism.

Ayn Rand Meta-Blog from the Atlasphere

Charles R. Anderson (Objectivist Individualist)
Robert James Bidinotto (The Bidinotto Blog)
Andrew Breese (Perspectivism)
David M. Brown (The Crunch Report)
Sidney August Cammeresi (Blog of Doom)
Craig Ceely (The Anger of Compassion)
Miguel Centallas (Ciao!)
Erik Christian (Titan)
Andy Clarkson (The Charlotte Capitalist)
Adrian Conte (The Amazing Rando)
Cox & Forkum (Editorial Cartoons)
Andrew Dalton (Witch Doctor Repellant)
Dean (deanpence)
Mario Diana (Coarsely Ground)
Joe Duarte (A Galaxy Far, Far Away)
Faustin (The Worship of Questions)
Steve Friedman (Nifty McNiftage)
Dave Galanter (Snark Bait)
Chip Gibbons (Binary Circumstance)
Kernon Gibes (Not Ready for InstaPundit)
GMU Objectivist Club
Stephen Green (designated Rand drinking buddy)
Aaron Haspel (God of the Machine)
Diana Hsieh (NoodleFood)
Paul Hsieh (GeekPress, also at Noodlefood)
Michael Hussey (Disaffiliates – Think Twice)
Joseph Kellard (The American Individualist)
Stephan Kinsella
Carter Laren (Producer Advocate)
Martin Lindeskog (Ego)
Roderick Long (In a Blog’s Stead)
Alexander Marriott (Wit and Wisdom)
David N. Mayer (MayerBlog)
Hanah Metchis (Purr Se)
Dahlia Metchis (Dahlia’s Journal)
Michael Mignogna
Martin Murray
Kenneth Neil (Intergalactic Capitalist)
Ted O’Connor (Hober)
Jeff Patterson (Gravity Lens)
Tim Peck (You Might Very Well Think That)
Greg Perkins (contributing blogger at NoodleFood)
John Perich (Adventures of a Model Son)
Dinesh Pillay (Prometheus)
Pooka Pooka (Happily Myself)
Doug Reich (The Rational Capitalist)
George Reisman
Douglas Rudd
The Rule of Reason (Ctr. for the Advancement of Capitalism)
Rob Sama (samaBlog)
Chris Sciabarra (Not a Blog)
Henry Scuoteguazza (Thinking Objectively)
Arthur Silber (Power of Narrative)
Mike Shapiro (MadBard)
David Sherman (Better Living Through Blogging)
Jennifer Snow (Literatrix)
Marshall Sontag (Boundless Enthusiasm)
Bård Standal
Thomas Ryan Stone (Philosopher Stone)
Robert Tracy (Tracy Fine Art)
David Veksler (The Greedy Capitalists Domain)
John Venlet (Improved Clinch)
Douglas Wagoner
Jimmy Wales (Free knowledge for free minds)
Don Watkins (contributing blogger at NoodleFood)
Gregory Wharton (Kenshi)
Russell Whitaker (Survival Arts)
Kevin Whited (Publius TX)
Joshua Zader (Mudita Journal)

The following people asked to be listed in the “Friends of Objectivism” category:


Tom Bux (Tom’s Nap Room)
Kenneth Gregg (CLASSical Liberalism)
Liberty & Power Group Blog (Sciabarra, McElroy, Silber, Long, etc.)
Wendy McElroy (McBlog)
Peter Saint-Andre (StPeter)
Erica Tesla (Taking 20)
Samuel Tesla (Last Minute Thoughts)
Jennifer W (Gone Savage)
Will Wilkinson (The Fly Bottle)

LiveJournal also has an incredibly long roster of users who characterize themselves as having an interest in Objectivism, and hosts the following two discussion groups:

LJ Objectivism Community
LJ Objectivists Discussion Group

If you have additions or corrections, please contact me. Thanks!

  • Well done! Quite a handy resource, and I’m somewhat flattered that you chose to include me in your listing. I’ll be sure to visit these sites. Cheers/Dave

  • If Rand and Heinlein ever met at a bar, you’d find VodkaPundit buying the drinks.

  • Say no more, Stephen. You are hereby the Objectivist Bloggers’ “designated Rand drinking buddy.”

  • Interesting…almost every blogger listed on this page is male. Hmmm…a reflection on Objectivism, on bloggers, or both or neither?

  • thanks so much for this great resource! i also considier myself an “objectivist” and have been reading blogs wondering who was and who wasn’t. i think, however, that you missed one:

    i’m not sure, but i think they’re objectivists – or pretty close at least

    anyhow, glad to know there are more openly objectivist bloggers out there.

  • I think my husband ( and I ( both fall under “Friends Of Objectivism”. We got a little disenchanted with Objectivism when we noticed how bent the Objectivists we knew seemed to be on hating everyone… but I think that’s an effect of coming into new, strong convictions, not necessarily limited to Objectivism. I think it manifests more in Objectivism because of the way Objectivism is presented as a package deal, take it or leave it, whereas part of most other philosophies is a kind of pick-and-choose, non-integrated attitude.

    I’ll stop rambling now. 🙂

  • Thanks for including me! I’m probably more post-Objectivist (and likely not ARI-approved), but that’s okay. Call it the Objectivist Big Tent. 🙂

  • Will Wilkinson

    Hey Josh, For truth-in-advertsing’s sake, I’d probably should go under the friend’s section. Thanks for compiling the list.

    – Will

  • You can add me to the list.

  • Thanks for compiling this list. I would definitely be of the non-orthodox, neo-Objectivist breed as my thinking has been greatly influenced by Ayn Rand’s philosophy. I’d appreciate it if you would add my blog, The Binary Circumstance (, to your list.

  • Sorry. I forgot to give my last name in the previous post. Thx.

  • excellent list! i look forward to working through it.

  • I’ve just moved my blog, The Binary Circumstance, to a new location and I’m now using my own domain name, Would you please change your directory listing to reflect this change? Thanks!

  • You can add me on the list too.

  • Where can I follow up for more information

  • One more Objectivist that can be added to the list 🙂


  • Great – I was actually looking for new blogs to gnaw on, that list will last me a while 🙂

    I would really appreciate you adding my blog to the list as well, as I think it qualifies.


  • That’s a nice list. Sciabarra and Long are two of my favorites. Feel free to add mine if you like.

  • My URI has updated:

  • Thought you might be interested in this Objectivist podcast…

    Best wishes,

    Stefan Molyneux, MA
    Host, Freedomain Radio

    Powerful ideas for all lovers of personal and political freedom — Freedomain Radio is one of the highest-rated podcasts on PodFeed. Topics range from philosophy to psychology to economics to art to how to achieve real freedom in the modern world. Passionate, articulate, funny and irreverent, Freedomain Radio shines a bold light on old topics—and invents a few new ones to boot!


  • Ian

    This list of objectivist blogs is a great resource. I recently launched my own at and would appreciate inclusion at some point.

    Keep up the good work!


  • Chris Grieb

    Is there any way of telling you a blog is not being produced

  • My site could best be described as a friend of Objectivism and I would appreciate inclusion.

    Mike N

  • Hi.

    My name is Luis Figueroa and I write a blog called Carpe Diem: It bears the weekly column that I write for Guatemala´s daily and additional commentary. All of i, objectivist oriented. Would you, please, add Carpe Diem to your list of objectivist blogs



    TOC Sum Sem 2006

  • I would appreciate being included on that list! What a great resource. Thanks, Josh.

  • OA

    I am glad i found this blog roll i was looking for a list of other objectivist interested in blogging. I have a blog called the Objective-Investor where i chronicle my road to becoming an investor in the hopes that other objectivist can learn from my successes and mistakes. I also throw in a healthy dose of opinion and interests. you can find my blog at

  • New Objectivist Blog for Cleveland Ohio…

  • Great list. You can add mine to the list. The blog is relatively new. It focuses mostly on capitalism and philosophy (from an Objectivist standpoint).

  • And mine, please.

  • You can link to the Rebirth of Freedom Foundation, a website for policy reviews from an objectivist perspective.

  • What a great list and a great resource.

    I would be honored if would consider adding our blog and success and achievement community to your list. Influencing the creation of objectivists one at a time.

  • Awesome resource; much appreciated.

    If you would, please add my blog to the list.

  • I was wondering if I might be able to get you to list my blog on your objectivist blogs list. It isn’t entirely Objectivist specific topics, but it is all written from an objectivist perspective, and there are a lot of O’ist specific posts. The URL is:

    Another great blog I would recommend if it’s not on your list is Richard Gleave’s Uncommon Sense
    Uncommon Sense

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